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Puzzled by your printer? You're not alone. Most people never think about their office machine until it needs something- they just want it to print! Us? We LIKE to talk about printers and cartridges-it's all we do! Here are just a few questions we get asked all the time. If you don't find an answer here, give us a call and ask us anything.
We're here for YOU! 
I need a cartridge but I don’t know which one. HELP!
Go to Ink & Toner, find your printer model and you’ll see the cartridge you need. Or give us a call; we’ll help you out over the phone. Easy!
When will I receive my cartridges?
Most orders received before 3pm CST will ship same day, UPS Ground. In Dallas-Fort Worth, we will deliver your order on the next business day. Click here to log on to your account and you can track your shipment. 
What do I do with my empty cartridges?
In DFW, we will pick them up and recycle them. Otherwise, we will send you a return-shipping label so that you can send your empty cartridges back to us. Click here if you need a return label. (By the way, THANK YOU for recycling!)
Do I have to have an empty cartridge to buy another one?
When you give your empty core back to us, it keeps our costs low and it helps the environment. But we are happy to provide cartridges to you with or without an empty in return.
Do I qualify for Free Shipping?
All cartridge orders over $50 qualify for free shipping.
What's the "Secret Code"?
Click Here To Get the "Secret Code"
What’s your Return Policy?
You may return your unused merchandise within 90 days. All refunds will be in the form of credit. A 25% restock fee may apply. Some OEM items may not be returned after 30 days. Click here for the detailed scoop.
What if I have a defective cartridge?
Defects happen sometimes (it’s a bummer, sorry). We will send you a shipping label (or pick up in DFW) and replace your cartridge at no cost. Cartridge must be from LaserSaver, not empty and purchased within the last year.
We got rid of our old printer. Can I return my unused cartridge for credit if it's not opened?
We accept returns of unopened cartridges within 90 days of purchase. Restock fee may apply.
What’s the difference between OEM & remanufactured?
OEM is a brand-name cartridge and remanufactured means it’s been recycled. We take apart a used cartridge and completely rebuild it using all new parts. The print quality should be equal…and if it’s not, we’ll replace it. That’s our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! 
What’s “Drill & Fill”?
We completely rebuild our cartridges because we want to sell a high quality product. Some companies cut corners by simply drilling a hole in a used toner cartridge and filling it with new toner. Not good. Toner cartridges consist of several parts that need to be replaced to perform up to OEM standards. Drilling and Filling doesn’t cut it and we don’t do it.
Do you purchase empties?
Not usually. If you have a lot of used OEM cartridges that you would like to sell, please call or email us and we can hook you up with an empty cartridge broker. If you have empties that you simply wish to recycle, we will gladly pick them up and recycle them for you.
Do you repair printers?
Yes we do! In DFW, we have repair specialists that can come to your location and fix your printer. Or if you prefer, you can bring your printer to us and we’ll repair it here.
How long will it take to fix my printer?
Most repairs can be completed the same to next day. Occasionally, parts need to be special ordered and your repair might take a bit longer. We will let you know ahead of time what the repair schedule will be for your machine.
I have more than one printer that needs service, do you charge by machine?
We bill by the hour. It’s actually a great use of resources to have multiple machines serviced per call. If you need more than one machine cleaned or repaired, we will let you know up front how much time you can expect our tech to be on-site.
Do you sell printer parts? My printer needs a tray/roller/fuser/etc... 
We sure do. Call us with your printer model and we'll find what you need.
Do you sell printers/copiers?
Yes. If you need a new printer, copier or fax, call or email us and we’ll help you choose the right machine.
My printer just died. Can you recommend a replacement printer?
Sure! We are here to help. Call or email us and we’ll help you choose the best new machine for your office. Even if you don’t buy it from us!
What is available in refurbished printers?
There are some fantastic refurbished printers out there that will save you lots of money! If you are interested in a “low mileage”, quality refurbished printer, contact us and we’ll get you a great deal.
My company likes to use HUB Businesses. Do you qualify?
Yes! We are a Woman Owned business, registered and certified with the US Government.
Our school wants to collect empty cartridges as a fundraiser. Can you partner with us?
Yes. If you are interested in cartridge recycling as a fundraiser, contact us and we’ll talk.
Can you remove this unsightly mustache?
No, sorry. We only work with laser printers. To zap that ‘stache, we suggest you call a qualified hair removal specialist. Good Luck!