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LaserSaver is owned and operated by an incredible group of women who are truly committed to making your office run more smoothly. It's not that we don't let men work here- we have a few on the payroll- we've just figured out that working women are highly efficient and have a gift for taking care of people. Our goal is to make your life easier!
Melissa in 1988;
 Not interested in toner cartridges.
Ladies didn’t always run LaserSaver; C.E. Butridge started the company in 1988 when his daughter was just a wild teenager who didn’t know (or care) anything about her father’s budding business. In those days C.E and his partner, Bob, remanufactured all the toner cartridges themselves on a pool table in the backyard. They were also the salesmen,delivery guys and the entire accounting department.
It didn’t take long for them to expand the business and hire people to help but they always stuck to a few simple principles:
              • Sell Good Quality Products
              • Follow Through on Promises
              • Conduct Business with Honesty & Integrity
Doesn’t everyone do that stuff? Sadly, they don’t. And because we did – and still do – the business continues to grow.
Meanwhile, C.E.’s daughter, Melissa, went off to college and then worked in the “real world”. C.E. always hoped she would come to work for him one day but being the great dad that he was, he supported her as she embarked on a career in radio. Eventually, in 2004, the time was right for Melissa to come to work at LaserSaver and begin to learn about printers and printer cartridges. The business she feared would be boring was actually fun! Who knew office supplies could be such a blast?!
 Melissa today; excited about toner
Today, Melissa and her staff run the company with the same principles C.E. and Bob used all those years ago. We treat our customers fairly and honestly, we give them a great deal on high quality printer cartridges and we provide free candy. It’s worked for over 20 years – why mess with perfection? Call us today – you’ll love us too!