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The fastest way to earn Superhero status is to get a broken printer back up and running FAST! If your printer is misbehaving, we can help! Call us today and we’ll troubleshoot your problem over the phone for free. If a service call is needed, we’ll get to your office within the next ½ day and find a solution for your problem machine.


In our effort to rid the world of printer-related problems, we offer several ways to keep your office running smoothly. LaserSaver can clean and maintain your machines throughout the year or you can call us on an “as-needed” basis.     


If your printer is jammed or is not printing correctly, you may need a Service Call. Call us & we’ll have a Service Tech at your office in the next ½ business day. Our technicians are trained and certified with years of experience. Most printers are fixed in about an hour.
Cost for On-Site Service Call: $95/hour + parts
$ Money Saving Tip: If your printer is not printing well, try changing out the cartridge. Often a new cartridge clears up the issue & your problem is solved!

If you prefer, we offer In-House laser printer repair at a savings. Just bring your printer to us and we’ll fix it at our office.
Cost for In-House Service Call: $75/hour + parts


Larger laser printers often benefit from an annual cleaning and maintenance check. We’ll clean and inspect your printer and alert you to any trouble spots. This annual checkup will help keep your machine printing beautifully.
Cost for Annual Checkup: $75 for 2 printers
$ Money Saving Tip: Many smaller lasers perform just fine without cleanings and check-ups. For those types of printers, you’ll save money if you just call us when the printer needs repair.




If your printer is irreparable, we will gladly pick it up and recycle it. Additionally, we can help you clean up your office (and save the Earth!) by recycling many types of outdated electronic equipment.

Cost for Printer/Electronic Recycling: $10 per item


For completely stress-free printer management, we offer plans that include cartridges, maintenance, repairs and parts for one monthly payment. These plans are completely customized to your business and your office environment.

Cost for Printer Maintenance Agreement: Starts at $25/month